Land Development

We Maximize Your Land Value

Casper Street is an active player in the Florida and North Carolina land entitlement and development space. We primarily seek residential, industrial and mini storage development opportunities. From golf course redevelopments to rezoned farmland, we are adept at engaging local communities to learn their needs and earn their support. From entitlement to project completion, we have the team and resources to see any project through. 

Project Finance & Management

Once we’ve identified a parcel’s potential, the Casper Street team gets to work gathering all the necessary reports to bring our development plans to life. We recognize that having a good relationship with the surrounding community homeowners is crucial to obtaining approval from the city. 

With the necessary reports in hand, we submit our combined site plan to the city for approval. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, this process may take a few rounds to obtain all necessary approvals and permits. We work closely with our land partners to plan the legacy process and determine whether to hold, lease, or pursue a combination of both strategies. As a multi-strategy development firm, we are sensitive to our land partners’ goals and strive to ensure that our project aligns with their legacy plan.

Legacy Process Management

Every step leading up to this stage is vital, but it’s here that true success or failure of the project lies. With our eyes on the prize and a clear plan in place, we strive to stabilize the project by securing tenants or end-users before breaking ground, ensuring a fully-valued asset based on future cash flow. Regardless of the project type – be it residential, multifamily, commercial, or industrial – our mission remains the same: maximize the highest lease value per square foot with a build-and-hold approach that generates maximum monthly passive income. 

Along the way, we remain flexible to seize new opportunities that arise and adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring we always meet our landowner’s goals and expectations. With so many avenues for creating value, it’s all about finding the right plan that works for you.

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